Please Allow Me to Introduce myself

Hey Blog, um… World? Sphere? Oh well not important but what IS important is that I remember to click “submit when I compose a Blog! I was SO hurt when I clicked on “view blog” with great anticipation to no avail whatsoever so suppose I do this aGAIN. No biggie I have the strongest thumbs this side of the Rio Grande, yes I’m typing this from my prē which I give eight thumbs up by the way… As I digress although I was making no particular point to begin with so I guess I wasn’t digressing the least bit, although I COULD be at this current juncture.

Sparing the formalities of being a firs-time blogger let us get straight INTO it shall we? In my 22 years of life I’ve never been at such a stagnant period in life stifled by such monotony such as selling cell phones and then….. Being talked to by a salesman ABOUT the cellphones! Not the least bit fun and most certainly not the least bit interesting. This 9-5 with no true aim or purpose in your individual lifetime/bucketlist pursuits doesn’t always work for everyone now DOES it?

It’s funny, because although I loathe the aforementioned, it HAS re-awakened my creatvity and drive that mind-numbing institutions like high school do a great job of disipating. This experience has encouraged great introspect and reflection, something that people who get caught up in so-called “life” to do. To reflect is to get to know you, your talents, gifts and abilities as well as how to apply them. If you can’t do this? You’re firing a weapon with no aim, thus, wandering aimlessly… Pun INTENDED!

I do need to get to traveling and exploring like Dora again. It misses me. Big things are planned even if I don’t quite know what they are and the same goes for all you out there, just open your mind and heart in preparation for those plans to unfurl. I’ll be SURE to submit this time, oh and before I forget, you can also find me at @Ironsheek on Twitter…More later…


About Travanti

I'm an actor, satirist (read that slowly, or you could get the wrong idea), comedic writer (contingent upon who finds my work funny), & macro/microcosmic social commentator. An alum of the University of Louisville, and Syracuse University (Newhouse Television Radio & Film M.S.)... aren't I being shockingly cavalier about it all?

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