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Procrastination’s Bitch.

What’s going on everybody (ME) Sorry it’s taken me so damn long to get back on my OWN BLOG to give you all the 411 on the thing that I feel is interesting enough to blog about, my LIFE (like everyone else)!

Excuse? Umm, well uhhh…. *hurriedly spoken* I AM PROCRASTINATION’S BITCH FROM TIME TO TIME! There, hughhh I said it. I haven’t been up to terrible amounts though just work at AT&T convincing people to purchase decidedly unattractive phones who may or may NOT need them in the first place. I must say that retail sales in non-busy arenas are highly pointless, and the lack of an iPhone in the store is definitely a shock to my commission’s system. I don’t like retail sales the least bit but I should at LEAST be able to benefit from it but NOPE, the town–Yes, TOWN–is overrun by 3000 “practical” truck and/or SUV driving residents who “don’t wont none of them FANCY phones” so yes, I just do BILL PAYS all day while I make my meager wage with my Bachelor that few even KNOW that I have.

Tell you all WHAT though, I’ve gotten a lot accomplished thus far though, and I’m halfway though my GradSchool applications so that I can move forward as planned. The schools so far are UK, UC, NYU, and UCF. This whole deal is simply the “in between” time ya’know? Like I said before–DID I say this before?–This minuscule existence after graduating from college in kenucky, moving to the Bay and then moving back has been a humbling experience. I’ve learned so much about me and about the nature of this very world that we all live in and share–we SHOULD share that is–together. I understand that I’m probably STILL talking to my self at this moment but, wait….HEY maybe my friend Annie Pethe from Hungary is listening…. Haha ya gotta love being connected with the world, it’s OURS. Until next time.

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