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The Hot Tub Accident

I came across an ESPN news article this afternoon– — Rather than mentioning that the kid “Drowned” ESPN would much rather headline that Randall Cunningham’s son died in a “hot tub accident” like his Hot Tub crossed the Median


Junior Hurricane

Meteorologists take pride in naming hurricanes like people and name babies. “His name is Alex… Hurricane Alex he’s named after his great grandfather who was a Category 5. He died of tropical depression its a sad story, really. Hopefully he grows big and strong… Doctor says he’ll only become a Category 3 or 4 at best but we’re hoping for major property damage out of this youngster”

The Chuck Norris Addendum

This just formulated in my head —> Chuck Norris added an addendum to Newton’s Law. Then the addendum killed it. Chuck obeys no law. For every action there is a Funeral.

Blog Configuration

I wouldn’t say that I’m “changing” my blog’s style but after examining this here “Blogosphere” I realize that I’m not fully utilizing my unique voice, my pacing, my tone or my true style. Let’s say that I’m “altering” my blog instead of “changing” it, you’re going to see what I see or at LEAST see that I see what I see and not what anyone else on the planet sees and you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t fully understand it. Nevertheless when you come across the blog it’s identity will be clear and easily distinguishable from the rest. My stream-of-consciousness will enter this blog. We enter, “Musings.”

It’s been a while

What’s going on universe, actually, let me capitalize “universe” seeing as that it’s pretty much a big deal –ahem– What’s going on UNIVERSE!! I missed you as much as you, me. A lot has happened since my last blog in January so we’ll get right into it including the submission of mooooore Blogs! Sound good? Then walk with me this will be fun!

I was slighted in the Graduate School admissions process as NYU said “There’s like, nooo way”, University of Cincinnati said “Your scores dude”, UK(little bro goes there) said “This was very tough for us” yea, ok riiiight. During the admissions wait I was totally calm because either it would or wouldn’t happen, I have plans regardless.

I was surprised by the results actually. I wasn’t discouraged because “Oh woe is me I’m not going to be able to continue being a nerd in this sham of an educational system” or anything it was more-so an Ego thing for me, yes, I’m willing to admit that are YOU? I have no problem doing so because I’m talented and you should believe in yourself the way that I believe in me, it’ll get you places you never even imagined. It was an ego check because to be honest I used to make fun of professorial and higher educational incompetence WITH other professors, that’s the kind of intellectual capacity I feel I have, so for those schools to admit who they did and not me was hilarious to us.

You may take some of the aforementioned as foolhardy narcissism and gloating but you will realize that this is a stream-of-conscience dialogue. One of honesty containing thoughts we all share, impulses that we all have as a commonplace. This is an exercise in humility, futility, and continued mobility.

Now back to what I was saying. I began to muse about the Educational System and why someone as accomplished as I, was blindly denied even though I told NYU I would drive there to meet with them. They denied me with no face to face interview to know my character or anything they just rubber-stamp you. I was under the impression that they actually knew who they were admitting. That surprised me, it was a matter of chance. This told me that there was much more to this “Higher Education” than meets the eye. If you’re an institution in a Capitalist land, then it’s going to be about numbers, period. There IS no heart in it, there IS no logic behind it. Just sad faces stern demeanor and cold hard cash. They don’t care about whether or not their incoming cohorts are actually competent or if they have the passion and ability to change the world around them, all they need is a minimum gpa, score, and a fat check.

Why do you think Pre-Selected “Loan Lenders” are readily at your disposal as soon as you’re admitted? The financial advisors are the sales team that peddle the Loan Company’s wares, the clientele? The confused and frightened students. Well, in my thinking I understood that hustlers founded USA and hustlers run it. A “Loan Lender” is the contemporary and politically correct term for “Bookie” and they’ll still fiscally “break your knees” if you don’t pay up. Instead of gold medallions and slick backs, they have shirts, slacks, and cheap ties. The “Bookie” sees to it that 1.You can attend the University under the false pretense that it’ll “Pay off in the long run” and 2. Your University gets paid upfront via “loans” whether you fail or succeed so it’s not in it for them to care about education per se, but about enrollment numbers and a consistent flow of directionless scholar automatons who view this as the next step to god-knows-what. The same is that of Graduate Schools. It’s a cash-cow and the product that Higher Education sells, is HOPE.

As I digress, that was 3 out of 4 Universities that had waved me off like I was a gnat at their bar-b-que. The final University’s response came via email early one Monday Morning. I woke up, looked at my phone and came across an email from the University of Central Florida in Orlando and it read, “Congratulations”…

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