Blog Configuration

I wouldn’t say that I’m “changing” my blog’s style but after examining this here “Blogosphere” I realize that I’m not fully utilizing my unique voice, my pacing, my tone or my true style. Let’s say that I’m “altering” my blog instead of “changing” it, you’re going to see what I see or at LEAST see that I see what I see and not what anyone else on the planet sees and you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t fully understand it. Nevertheless when you come across the blog it’s identity will be clear and easily distinguishable from the rest. My stream-of-consciousness will enter this blog. We enter, “Musings.”


About Travanti

I'm an actor, satirist (read that slowly, or you could get the wrong idea), comedic writer (contingent upon who finds my work funny), & macro/microcosmic social commentator. An alum of the University of Louisville, and Syracuse University (Newhouse Television Radio & Film M.S.)... aren't I being shockingly cavalier about it all?

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