Oddities: Cost of a Granny Smith Apple/Uncle Paco

With each day being as interesting as the one before it, more oddities have come to my attention Blogosphere. Wanna hear about them? Sure you do!

I was driving by a Used Car Dealership when I noticed a 99′ Escort on sale for $1995, which is like buying a half-bitten Granny Smith Apple for $49. This came as a surprise initially, but I was sobered by a thought. The thought that being able to forcefully spike a basketball through a metal ring could do more for one’s life than a Bachelor’s Degree could. In some cases at least. Ok, many cases… Most cases. The aforementioned allegory was used to say this: America has an interesting “value” system, you should pay attention more.

In other unrelated but related news…………

In the last week, a pastor from Florida by the name of Terry Jones has created quite the spectacle. Out of all books Americans don’t read, the Quran was singled out. With the average American Reading Level resting at the 7th grade, I’m surprised he wasn’t more at odds with Webster’s Dictionary. If you burn something like the Quran, you probably share the same animosity towards all other books you have trouble reading.

Had you known anything about anything, you’d know that burning a Quran is like defacing your M. Knight Shyamalan interpretation of Jesus. Yes, Jesus is one of the multiple prophets represented in the book. I don’t claim to be religious the least bit, but I am informed. Knowledge, is power. Cliche as it may be, the notion has transcended time. Until next time, I am @Ironsheek on Twitter. Follow, and enjoy.

In case you were wondering what Pastor Terry Jones does in his spare time, here’s an idea. The resemblance is uncanny.


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  1. Bro. Ironsheek;
    I was most offended at the first part of this article. Having been a former owner of a 1985 Ford Escort (actually, it was my wife's and I became co-owner at 1:35 pm on a cold day in….oh, never mind),I do not appreciate having to remember that horrible period of time in my life.

    In addition, I believe most Americans read at a 6th grade level….stop giving us so much credit!

    However, I found your comparison of that Florida guy to the Tom and Jerry character, Crambone, to be right on target!

    Keep up the good work!

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