Oddities: Heisman, Vanity, and Red Bull Airplanes!

Unless the Heisman Trophy Committee is employed by Men In Black Headquarters, I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to Memory-Wiper-Flashy-Thing us in effort to fully remove any evidence. Reggie Bush winning a Heisman is embedded in every sports fan’s Mainframe.

Expecting fans to disregard NCAA History as you “indian-give” trophies is like knocking down Auschwitz and saying “The concentration camps were study halls, not death chambers” well…um, not quite, but you get my point.

With Reggie Bush forfeiting the Heisman Trophy and the Heisman Committee forfeiting their logic, who is the biggest loser? The people who believe in a Football Oscar? Oh, the Vanity! I didn’t know that a 1996 Chevy was considered a performance enhancing drug. They injected useless material with “value” (heisman) and took it away, giving the impression that it mattered. He’ll replace the Heisman with his Super Bowl Ring. You can entertain the fiasco if you’d like to but know this, that’s all it is.

In unrelated but related news……………

There have been a rash of airplane crashes and misfortunes. One airplane crashed in Venezuela with 47 passengers aboard, about half of them died. Another plane crashed in Japan, death happened. An American Pilot was even arrested by Dutch Police because he was intoxicated and trying to pilot a passenger plane.

So far, it seems as if more planes have crashed in 2010, than have safely landed in 2010. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy flying on airplanes, I just don’t like crashing Kitty Hawk planes. Surviving an auto accident at 32 mph is possible… Surviving a plane crash moving at Mach-1 is tough unless you can Capri-Sun yourself into a liquid or something (My references are insane, I know)… Sooooo after two plane crashes within the last two or three days and a drunken pilot detainment in Amsterdam, who wants to fly Air Travolta??? In lieu of all the airplane crashes, I prefer Airplanes with “Wings”… I am @Ironsheek. Follow me.


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