The Hangover 2

Surely, you’ve seen the blockbuster hit “Hangover: Part 2” by now, if not, why so reticent? Oh, you must be the “I’ll wait for the DVD” type. Today, I review the critically-acclaimed comedy –disdained by the critics– “Hangover: Part 2” featuring our beloved Wolf Pack.

Stu, Phil, and Alan –Absentee Doug doesn’t count in any way, shape, or form– set out on another pre-marital quest to have absolutely no recollection of the pre-marital quest. The first mistake became their second, reluctantly, and that mistake was bringing Alan along. In a masochistic way, it behooves them to bring the off-kilter Alan along for our comedic benefit… at their expense.

The Hangover: Las Vegas ——> Thailand, and the plot was a mere heart transplant. You could call it “The Hangover 1…..point 2….. Stu gets married…. Doug is absent again, he’s so not in the Wolf Pack …….. and Doug 2.0 is known as “Teddy”….who also gets misplaced…Sorry, but we figured we’d make another mint while selling you the same movie twice because we’re good like that”

Aside from the nearly identical story arc, the movie still generated hearty laughter tears. Mr. Chow was more of a fixture in the second installment, and the talented Ken Jeong’s penis was exploited again, what a shameless comedic device.

It didn’t take long for the entire plot to unfurl within the first 25 minutes of the movie, but we trusted the original formula enough to accept what was to come. Lackadaisical on the writer’s part, and ingenious on the Producer’s part as it grossed over 200 million dollars worldwide.

Craig Mazin has signed on to write The Hangover 3, uh, because he wrote the first two, let’s just hope that he finds the same inspiration for the third one that he had for creating the original Hangover. Oh, and Alan could not possibly drug the Wolf Pack again…. How about using excessive alcohol consumption as the catalyst to creating The Hangover 3, you know, like most hangovers….

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