Life doesn’t require you, and that is why it is precious

Life can be a playground, if you understand that it’s a game. A game is something that you play, to win or to lose. You must be aware of the game and its simple set of rules if you are to play effectively. Either you play the game, or you fall victim to the players that are playing the game.

Life will become your prison if you do not have a plan for it, it can be a rough draft, that’s fine… but you need one. I say this because your life is simply a loan for a project that you may not ever begin to work on. Guess what happens when you’re given a loan? You have to pay it back whether you effectively allocated the funds to meaningful endeavor or not.

When Life reclaims what it has allowed you to borrow, what will your project look like? Did you use every Simoleon (The Sims Reference) on your project, while others could’ve used a hand? Did you fixate on everyone else’s individual project while your project gathered dust? You must strike a clever balance, but never sacrifice your entire life for someone or something that only intended to use yours. Life doesn’t require you, and that is why it’s so precious.

Sometimes, to be unselfish is to be irresponsible. I’m aware of the aforementioned’s negative connotation but, hey, you know that there’s a method to my madness. You must be selfish at certain points in your life so that you can give yourself the opportunity to ascend to your fullest potential. Nobody else will do that for you, nor do they see it within their purview. If you water the neighbors plants, but forget about yours, they will wither and you only have yourself to blame.

Your project needs attention, so you must give it attention. You must take pride in it, pick up the sticks and play the game! Why? Because that is what life is. Life has chosen to give you a loan, do not default with nothing to show for it, because you will have to pay it all back anyhow.

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I'm an actor, satirist (read that slowly, or you could get the wrong idea), comedic writer (contingent upon who finds my work funny), & macro/microcosmic social commentator. An alum of the University of Louisville, and Syracuse University (Newhouse Television Radio & Film M.S.)... aren't I being shockingly cavalier about it all?

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