Babies are decent, themselves. But parents, do not wield them as though they’re cute Nunchakus. They’re not all cute, but they are hybrids of you. Tilt your head back, and ingest some truth….

Look around you, you’ll notice legions of people leading very different lives. Some are pedestrian, a few are talented, some are attractive, and some are aesthetically deficient. Are they anywhere near the person that they planned to be? Are they better than, or worse than? The adults that you see today are the result of a defaced and abandoned youth. They were once babies, you know, the helpless things that functioned as alarm clocks… the little wobbly people that you grew fond of because their relentless need to receive, taught you how to give. They were are all teeming with human potential, and that is to be coveted.

They’re considered precious because the human ego sees that bundle of joy as an extension of them, what? Yes. Even more you? Of course! Nature is brilliant. The Ego that you possess drives you to create something just like you, should the you that you are now, fail. Unfortunately, when they make copies of themselves, they tend to cancel their plans entirely. Alternate life forms reproduce out of necessity, humans like to reproduce by accident. Name a couple who marked “Coitus” on their calender.

Higher-beings have the ability to create catalysts that will grant them access to their lower-self, and the opportunity to squander other opportunities while simultaneously creating new opportunities. You can give a personal thanks to alcohol, deafening clubs, insecurity, and my uncanny ability to persuade you. That’s higher brain function for you. It’s the Call of Duty smoke screen used to occupy you, while your biological processes work diligently in the background to find a way to continue your make and model.

Our inherent desire to destroy, necessitates the need to create… which increases the likelihood that we will destroy because we aren’t as driven to consciously create. Some of our best creations were accidents. It is our nature, and that is Nature.

Did you expect that ending when you started from the beginning? Comment, share, share, and comment. I wanted to keep the aforementioned story somewhat vague (i.e I used babies as a symbol to see what you would draw from it) Enjoy your Friday!


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I'm an actor, satirist (read that slowly, or you could get the wrong idea), comedic writer (contingent upon who finds my work funny), & macro/microcosmic social commentator. An alum of the University of Louisville, and Syracuse University (Newhouse Television Radio & Film M.S.)... aren't I being shockingly cavalier about it all?

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