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NASA, Where Art Thou?

I’ve got my eyes on you, NASA. One Human lunar landing and the discovery of Memory Foam is not enough. Since I was a young lad who was handed a crispy Weekly Reader by Mrs. Watts, I grew to expect the cutting edge in Scientific Application, not Scientific Inquiry. Questions are good, but only when they serve a progressive purpose, you know, like, the pursuit of an answer?

As the day wears on, it would appear as though you’re way better at asking questions than answering them. Well, we need answers. The world needs your help, see what happens when you leave the pressing issues of the day to politicians who are not pressed about the issues of the day? They believe in tanks, not think tanks.

Mankind has a propensity for destruction, why do you think they’re so consumed with finding a planet just like the one we already live on? We need spare planets already?! We’re walking Doomsday Devices, and our planet is wired to detonate. Is that why they felt that space exploration was necessary? I only ask because we’re still discovering this planet.

Wait, there has been scientific advancement. Has it been in the interest of humanity or has it accelerated our detriment?

We can’t afford to heal the ill but have new weapons that kill.

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