Kim: The Brand of Celebrity

Hello, everyone! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend, I probably got judged the entire length of mine, and I’m ok with that. We had so much fun, people and I. They were good judgements, though, I’m sure. Judgement gets a bad (w)rap, and it shouldn’t, because a judgement is a split-second impulse that the human brain must undergo to, well, keep you alive.

Last Thursday, I was named a writer/contributor at Technorati and my first article was published today…that should’ve gotten published on Friday…but I submitted as a draft, to drafts, and not to any editor in particular. Enjoy the article and pass it along, and feel free to leave comments here.

Oh, and before I leave this blog post, you can follow me on Twitter: @ironsheek

Ok, back to “Kim: The Brand of Celebrity”:

Article first published as Your Favorite Celebrity is a Commercial on Technorati.


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I'm an actor, satirist (read that slowly, or you could get the wrong idea), comedic writer (contingent upon who finds my work funny), & macro/microcosmic social commentator. An alum of the University of Louisville, and Syracuse University (Newhouse Television Radio & Film M.S.)... aren't I being shockingly cavalier about it all?

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  1. Thanks again for the article.Thanks Again. Great.

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