Cain Train Brain Drain

This is my third published article at Cain Train Brain Drain on Technorati.

The GOP issued a Reality TV casting call to fill a vacancy left by Donald Trump, and one proprietor answered the call. Herman Cain. Herman Cain has gone from presidential hopeful, to presidential hopeless, and that means that there is still hope for America.

Was he a qualified candidate? Are any of them qualified candidates? He spoke the language of the people he represented. Unfortunately, there is no Rosetta Stone for that language, only tattooed truck stop bathroom stalls. Not only did that qualify him as a political pundit, but, so does the mishandling of his public personal life. See what I did there?

He was accused of having an extra-marital affair with Ginger White. She states that the affair lasted 13 years. I would disagree with the name, affair, that sounds very much like a marriage. In fact, that affair outlasted most marriages, making it more of a marriage than an affair. Affairs occur during weekend visits and summers. I digress.

Herman Cain disagrees. Herman Cain denies the allegations, but “13” is an awfully specific number to fabricate. I would’ve doubted her sincerity if she didn’t mention a number, but apparently, she was there with someones Herman Cain for more than a decade. Maybe it is a case of mistaken identity, she meant Horatio Cain.

For those of you who are interested, understand that the #GOP presidential debates take place on television. Broadcast Television derives its revenue from ratings, ergo, the current candidates –Hermain Cain included– are a gaggle of mascots cheering for a brand of fail. That brand of fail, much like Reality TV, creates an interesting spectacle that draws even the brightest of people to the television screen. An unfortunate kind of brilliant. These debates are making tv stations a lot of money at the expense of our sanity. Their mantra? More money, your problems.”

Until you allow the aforementioned to marinate, you will never understand how the likes of Herman Cain, Trump, Gingrich, and Bachmann can receive the opportunities that they do. Maybe the estranged Herman Cain supporters will migrate to Newt Gingrich, a kindred extra-marital spirit.
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