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Reality’s Reality

Only a Reality TV Star can acquire style points for getting arrested or making headlines, they redeem their drama for cash prizes. You? You’d get thrown chin-first into a prison. No bail for you, unless S.S Grandma or another well-heeled loved one can get you out. And once you get out, you’ll be pushing a caravan of shopping carts across the blazing parking lot of a grocery store.

As for the Reality Star or Public Figure? They usually benefit from their public strife, because they have a paying audience who subscribes to their manufactured struggle. Like I said, or didn’t say, but am saying, controversy fuels the public figure’s career. You need 87′ Octane and Protein, they need to sock a photographer in the Canon Lens. What you’d get arrested for, or cast away as a social pariah for, they are rewarded for.

Although it is a fascinating thing, it isn’t a new thing. People have subscribed to the public lives of others for 1000s of years. There isn’t a motive force in human history that can do for you, what a spectacle can do for you. Ask P.T. Barnum. Yes, the circus dude. As quickly as you can rise, you can fall, but you can rise again, your audience loves to watch you rise, fall, and then redeem yourself. Its fucking weird, but hey, they’re your people not mine.

You see, the average man or woman lead a rather jaded and monotonous existence. When they get home from their triangle of perpetual boredom, they numb themselves via the vicarious consumption of things they will likely never experience. Never say never, I know, but if you’re sitting on a couch watching Storage Wars when you could be honing your craft, then probably never. And that’s perfectly fine, we need you too Mr. and Mrs. Escapist. 

Reality TV Stars and other public figures alike, are compensated for rendering a service to the subscriber, at the expense of their privacy, and maybe their own sense of reality. It takes an effort to maintain perspective, so decide what you will and won’t allow to validate your existence. 

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A.D.H.D – Kendrick Lamar

What a Friday!



Friday began with the usual 6am wake-up alarm,  I instinctively slapped my phone for performing its civic duty. I know, it was wrong, but it violated my unconsciousness… had to do something about that.  I won’t go through my entire routine the way Jill Scott sang about her breakfast menu, but i will say that my days are far from routine.

Take today for instance. I interviewed in a faraway city called Mid-City. It wasn’t so much a city as it was a trash receptacle for Hollywood, a much cooler city. I had to walk through a wall with a knob on it to get to the site that I interviewed in. I was informed that they’d like 3-months of free-labor before they would consider paying a living person a living wage. That seems fair. All in all, the interview went well, as well as a “What the fuck, bro” can go.

I hopped on the Metro at La Brea, that took me back into Hollywood. That is when I got the text message about an audition. I twinkle-toe Flintstoned down the steps to the Red Rail Subway and headed to NoHo for what might be the biggest opportunity I’ve encountered in the 5 days that I’ve been in LA… I’m preparing for a rather large undertaking this Monday, but you’ll find out about what transpired Monday when Monday gets here. 

As an aside, a brand new Mercedes comes with every Extra Value Meal and El Pollo Loco #4.

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Hey, gang. I’m back! Its been a while since the last time I blogged because I’ve been really busy with, uh, business. I got my Master’s from Syracuse University in May, and I look forward to being reminded of how infinitesimal a Master’s in Entertainment (Television Radio and Film) can be in a place that doesn’t require one. 

My ailing car died on graduation eve, but I managed to make it back to LA. Yes, LA. I am in you, and you are warm…innuendo. From the moment I landed in LAX, familiarity struck. Namely, the millions of Mercedes-Benz that coarse through the city’s arteries. So. Many. Mercedes! Mercedes must come free with every 4th Big Gulp purchased from a 7-11. 

I will leave you with this: 

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