@Ironsheek’s Top Photos & Videos

Watch this guy dance, he can control every single tendril and/or muscle fiber in his body. It is simply amazing how he can hold Newton’s Laws hostage. Seriously, this guy must possess the Sands of Time dagger from the Prince of Persia. What an absurd manipulation of time and space. His name is Marquese Scott, unless I spelled it wrong, then he would just be Gravity Slayer. Enjoy!

Here is a tutting advertisement for the Galaxy S II, the After Effects are simply amazing, especially when accompanied by the great tutting routine.

A wonderful street-performance by dance choreographer Mike Song and violinist Jason Yang. Mike Song was a member of Kabba Modern of Season One’s America’s Next Top Dance Crew. Season One was the best season, in my humble opinion. Why? I’ll let the video do the talking.

Here is another version, a shortened, but more precise performance:

This cannot, and  will not get old: I bring you, Uncle Paco from Tom and Jerry. A large portion of my childhood was spent watching this cartoon as I awaited the bus to cruel, I mean, school.

Hugh Jackman is invited to Conan, and impersonates Conan, on Conan, and I don’t think that Conan like that very much. Look closely, and you can see him mutter what would appear to be “take it off.” I could be wrong, and I hope that I am,  have a look:

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a refreshing sound in Hip Hop. Not to mention the wonderful cinematography. He hails from the state of Ohio, my birthplace. His name is Stalley. First up, is a theatrical trailer to the hit single “Assassin”, which can be found on the Lincoln Way Nights mixtape. Enjoy the show!

Enjoy that? I figured you would. Now watch this and enjoy the amazing cinematography!

Oh, and I can’t mention a good hip hop video without bringing up one of my favorites. This one is by Common Market. Common Market hails from Seattle Washington. He is a bearded behemoth, who looks like he’d have the voice of Beezleboss, but has a deliver which sounds like a synthesis between Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. I bring you, “Trouble Is” by Common Market!

This display of technical prowess, took place in Berlin, Germany. LG, used the bustling city as a platform for their vivid holographic display of the upcoming LG Optimus. Yes, a commercial, but hey, this was simply amazing. Words couldn’t describe how cool this is, well, except for the words that I just used to describe how cool it was. Behold:

Former Mad TV Alumnus, Keegan Michael-Key is featured in Comedy Central’s upcoming sketch-comedy series, Key and Peele. He stars along another MAD TV alum, Jordan Peele. You can see these two in the highly heralded Coach Hines sketches on Mad TV as well… and I highly recommend that you watch Coach Hines videos on Youtube. They never get old. Good for them, I’m looking forward to the series in January.

I had to also leave you with an episode of Coach Hines. You’re welcome.


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